Earlswood Lakes, Solihull - A wonderful open space!

Earlswood Lakes is in Solihull. Canal feeder reservoirs to the Stratford-on-Avon Canal.

At Earlswood Lakes located in Solihull, West Midlands (but on the Warwickshire side of the border in the Stratford-on-Avon District), there is three man made reservoirs built in the early 19th century to feed water to the nearby Stratford-on-Avon Canal. The main lake is called the Engine Pool, then there is Terry's Pool. Finally there is also the Windmill Pool. On site is also the Earlswood Engine House dating to the 1820s. In total there is 22 acres of reservoirs here. You can go fishing here, walk your dog, walk around the lakes on the paths. You can also go sailing. But cycling of bicycles is not allowed for safety reasons. Malthouse Lane, Valley Road and Wood Lane go near or through the lakes. Car park on site, but The Lakes Station is nearby (a request stop) or Earlswood Station.

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